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25 Photos Taken Just Before An Inevitable Disaster

Photography is really about being in the right place at the right time to capture that perfect moment. However, sometimes the perfect moment ends up being earlier than expected. Here are 25 hilarious photos that were taken just before an inevitable disaster.

1. Let’s face it, when it comes to other people’s experiencing it, disastrously embarrassing moments are never not entertaining. There’s a reason why fail compilations are so heavily viewed on YouTube and blunder GIFs are always in circulation. However, sometimes a picture of the moment just before the imminent ill-fated event happens can let our imaginations do the work instead, which can be even more comical. This picture shows the seconds before one girl, who probably thought she had a new profile picture in the works, had her night completely ruined. Considering this group is all donning suits and ties, the fact that this was some sort of formal event makes matters only worse for our picture ready focal point. To make matters worse, everyone else in the group seems to know what’s coming except for this sole lady who is about to have the contents of that drink showered all over her.

2. Swinging to great heights on the playground swing-set and then jumping off is a staple of childhood. However, not every kid manages to stick the landing. This doomed woman looks like she tried to get ambitious with her jump, but unfortunately there’s no way she’s not about to belly flop the pavement.

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