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25 Pregnant Women Who Have Already Won Halloween

Basically, everyone’s favorite holiday is coming up at the end of this month. I know, I know. Christmas is really up there too but there are just some things you get with Halloween that you can’t find anywhere else. You get to dress up, ask people to give you free stuff, and host parties that tend to bring the best costumes to your front door.

But, you know who’s really good at dressing up? DIYers. Now, I’ll admit right now that I’m far too lazy to actually make my own costume (I mean, most years I’m too lazy to buy my own costume) but these people here went the distance and made themselves some great getups. Oh, the kicker? (Get it?) These Halloween lovers are pregnant. It’s pretty much the perfect system if you think about it. They basically have free reign to dress their children however they like and the best part about it is they can’t complain yet.

But we found some great costumes from mamas to be who went all out with their Halloween costumes. Some of these are way more creative than I’ll ever be.

1. This woman here is pretty much my dream come true. She disguised her baby bump as a gumball machine, adding dozens of pom pop balls to emulate the gum. Actually… I take back what I said. This would only be my dream come true if the gum was free.


2. Couples costumes always have the potential to be the coolest things you ever see or the cutest. These two were no exception. Donning the role of Winnie the Pooh, this gal and her partner dressed like the famous duo of Winnie and Christopher Robin. The best thing about this costume is that she dressed up her bump like Winnie’s well-known tummy after he demolishes a bunch of honey.


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