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28 Teens Share Their Disappointing Prom Dresses After Ordering Them Online

Prom is a big deal for a lot of people. Not only does it mark the day of graduation but it may also be someone’s first serious formal event. Add that to the culmination of 4 years of hard work and you have a day to celebrate.

The opportunity to dress up and have a date are just some factors that make prom so much fun. The pre-party gatherings, the pictures that are taken, and the memories that are made are several key elements that most students look forward to! It is also a time where we can show off our gorgeous outfits, glammed up rides, and done-up dates. But generally, for guys, it’s a little easier. All we have to do is find a date, ask her what color dress she’s getting, and wear the right color tie. And that’s it! But for girls, they have to go through months of planning before making the right decision. Getting the dress fitted, finding one that is unique, getting hair and makeup done, and choosing the right date. But sometimes, stores and boutiques simply don’t have your style or size so you shop online. Here are some of the most disappointing prom dresses that were ordered online


1. The two dresses aren’t even the same color! I guess it doesn’t really matter that much since she looks happy with her dress anyway. And the pink dress seems to be missing certain features than the advertised one. Some of the items missing include the jeweled neckline and the flashy torso region.


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