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Psychologists Reveal Secrets They Learned About People From Therapy

Every job comes with its own share of self-induced headache and psychology seems to be no different.

Psychology is an interesting subject because who would or could turn down the ability to read someone else’s mind? Okay fine, maybe psychology isn’t akin to Professor X’s powers but there are some general cues that we can keep in mind during a casual conversation that can reveal some deeper or hidden meanings. And the life of a psychologist is no cake walk either. Having to hear grieving people mourn the deaths of a loved one, or a child going through a traumatic event and then having to guide them back on the right path can certainly take a toll on the psychologist’s psyche as well. So a question was asked on Reddit: what was the most profound thing a psychologist has learned during therapy and how has it benefited them? Whether it is getting over a divorce or coming to terms with something traumatizing, some of these answers range from straightforward obvious to deep and inspiring.


‘Excessive alcohol consumption at any level can be detrimental. It can impact people a lot more than what they think. Think about reducing your alcohol intake before hopping on prescription anti-depressants.’ (Zpiderz)

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