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Bosses Share Stories About Questionable Acts They’ve Caught Their Employees Doing

The old adage says that if you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Now, although this may be true, not everyone is granted the opportunity to strictly do the things that they love.

Because of constantly increasing living expenses, inflation, and the creation of newer and cooler toys, we (as contributing members of society) need to find a job in order to pay for all those aforementioned things (and more.) Add a family, a girlfriend or a pet to that extensive laundry list of expenses and you can see why people drag themselves out of work and into an office every single day despite hating every moment of it. And almost any job that we apply for comes with some sort of rules and a boss or a supervisor that we have to listen to. So we went on Reddit to ask bosses and managers everywhere: what are some of the ridiculous things you have caught your employees doing? From coming in late to constantly calling in sick, there are numerous ways to get fired, however, these upcoming stories will be both unique and gut-wrenchingly funny!


‘I work as a manager at a mine. So when HR told me that they hired a new person I was more than excited to have an extra pair of hands working for me. However, he showed up 45 minutes late on his first day and he was wearing shorts and a pair of Crocs at the time. I fired him on the spot.’ (SamwiseDaGude1)

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