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25 Random Memes To Ease Your Workday Blues

After a fun and/or a relaxing weekend, it can be difficult to get back into the work groove. Having to trudge your way back to the office on a Monday (and every other day until Friday) can feel like a drag. We’ve collected some hilarious memes to make your work week a little brighter, and hopefully less painful:

1) A pie chart of what happens when you can’t hear someone – because we’ve all been there. The best case scenario? The person is just telling you a joke and laughing nervously because you can’t hear them turns out to be the right answer. The worst case? They’re actually telling you something important and you laugh nervously and appear a little insane.

The logical thing to do is probably to just fess up and tell them you didn’t hear them the first time. But then what happens if you’ve already said you can’t hear them and they’ve already repeated what they said? If we move down the color-coded list, the next thing to do would be to move closer. If you still haven’t heard them at this point, it’s usually the point at which you give up and laugh. Unless you’re that person who will repeatedly shout WHAT?! You really should start questioning your hearing abilities at this point.

2) Here’s a nice bit of truth from John Mayer who is known for his verbal diarrhea and the Soulful Faces he makes while playing his guitar (and the 8 Grammys he’s won). Mayer tells us that it’s important to focus on other things besides how we look. According to his tweet, “the only way to be beautiful is to be loving” – how profound. Bravo, John.

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