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20+ Times Cosplayers Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone By How Real Their Cosplay Was

When it comes to Cosplay, some people take a great deal of pride in the accuracy of their costumes. Really good cosplay is hard to achieve without spending some extra dough, but sometimes you can get away with the simplest things that really make a world of difference.

The word Cosplay comes from the Japanese blend of words meaning costume+play from the word kosupure, originally coined in 1984 at WorldCon by Nobuyuki Takahashi from StudioHard.

It’s always such a fun experience going to a large comic convention and seeing people dressed up as their favorite characters. Sometimes you’ll bump into people who are dressed up in a franchise that you thought you were the only fan of. The best experience, however, is when you bump into a cosplayer whose costume is so accurate it confuses you immensely because you think they might have leaped right out of the movie. Sometimes you even think that they’re dressed up as the exact actor who played them. The following 20+ cosplayers really dazzle the people around them making some of the greatest costumes ever, while also confusing the heck out of all of us in doing so!

1) The Joker: This insanely accurate cosplay of Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, specifically the scene where the Joker dresses up as a nurse to harass Harvey Dent in the hospital, is absolutely a stunning recreation from the film. They even recreated the prosthetic scars on his face! Doesn’t he look almost exactly like Heath Ledger? Really well done.

2) Wonder Woman: At first glance, you think this might be Gal Gadot offscreen in her trailer, but if you look closely you’ll see this is not the same woman. This cosplay recreation of DC’s Wonder Woman is done by Instagrammer Alyson Tabbitha who specializes in super accurate cosplay. This job she did is, well… wonderful! The hand-carved costume looks authentic and the real deal! Our only question is, where’s the Lasso of Truth?

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