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25 Red Flags That Will Automatically Make You Suspicious Of Someone

Every now and then we get a bad feeling about someone or something, which whether warranted or not, can end up being accurate. While most of us want to give new people we meet the benefit of the doubt, there are some red flags that tip off our instincts and sway them to immediate suspicion.

One Redditor decided to ask the community what things make them instantly suspicious of someone, and the answers varied quite interestingly. From a subtle comment to how a person reacts, here are 25 red flags that Redditors admit make someone seem immediately untrustworthy.

1. A Little Too Perfect: “Whenever someone boasts every single detail of their “perfect” relationship on social media, I immediately get suspicious that things aren’t going so great. If your relationship is going so great, you probably wouldn’t waste so much time seeking attention from others. It’s not just constantly posting pictures either, it’s usually the over-the-top statuses that really scream relationship problems.” (Reddit user: ThisIsUndercover)

1 Her Campus

2. Office Gossip: “A big red flag for me is when people are gossipy in the office. I don’t mean ‘Hey, did you hear about Janet’s new haircut?’ I mean the type of people who will literally gossip all day if you bring up someone else’s name. I have one coworker who constantly will talk or even instant message me about people in the office being late or what they are doing. I just ignore it, but people who are willing to gossip that much are always willing to talk to everyone just to get more information.” (Reddit user: SleepyCoffee90)

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