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25+ Children Who Inherited Something Really ‘Special’ From Their Parents

In a recent Reddit  thread, one user asked parents what traits they regretted their children inheriting from them. The answers poured in, from parents who regretted their children’s inherited traits, children who regretted their own genetic inheritance, and even people commenting on the less-than-stellar traits their spouses had passed on! For 25 + regrettable inherited traits, read on!

“I’m mostly dutch, my ex-wife is Polish-Italian. My 19-year-old sons have thicker, better facial hair than I do at 46. F*ckers.”(DarkFlounder)
“This is a bad one from me. I have a beautiful little 10-year-old daughter in every way. Very smart, funny, and nice looking girl. Unfortunately every couple of weeks she has to cut nose hairs which are growing too long. I guess I got to take the blame for this one…” (swentech)
“My daughter has inherited my ability to trip over the air! Poor girl. Every 20 seconds she yells, “I’m ok!” She is 5.” (liltrippychild)

“My 9-year-old son is exactly like me in that we’re both bright, quick-on-the-uptake kind of people. If we want to learn how to do something, we sit down and learn how to do it. No problem. Unless there IS a problem, at which point we both decide it’s not worth doing and quit immediately because we can’t be bothered with something that takes actual effort for us to learn. It’s not an attractive trait, and I’ve tried to encourage him to do otherwise but it’s difficult.” (TwinkleFairyToes) 

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