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People Share Stories About Bizarre Things Rich People Expect From Poor People

Money is what drives this society and it is something that most people actively strive for. But not everyone can be rich and famous so what happens when people of different ‘categories’ decide to hang out with each other?

We all have that one friend who is just ridiculously wealthy. Whether it was a Lamborghini as a graduation gift or a townhouse as a 20th birthday present, these individuals seem to have an uncanny ability to acquire the newest and shiniest things. But unfortunately, it is the case with this society that not everyone can be equally wealthy. In fact, it is precisely this income inequality that allows us to function as a society. But nonetheless, our society is separated into different categories: high income, middle income, and low income (and whatever lies in between). So what happens when we all decide to interact and mingle with each other? Of course, we have to go to Reddit to find the answer. These AskRedditors all responded to this one question: ‘what is an unrealistic expectation people with a lot of money have of people that are not as well off financially?’


‘My in-laws have been self-employed for the past 15 years so they’re pretty well off. Anytime my wife brings up some not so major financial troubles they love to talk about how easy it was to raise a family on $11 an hour a ‘few years ago.’ They actually seem shocked that cost of living has increased since 1994 which they refer to as ‘just a few years back’’ (Righthanddan)

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