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25 Photos That Were Edited So Badly We Can’t Stop Laughing

Sometimes people go too far with their Photoshopping. Do the pictures turn out poorly? Occasionally they do. However, there are other times when these ridiculous Photoshop edits actually create a new masterpiece, something that stands out and says “this may be silly and look terrible, but you know it’s pretty entertaining.” These are the kinds of images that everyone loves. Whether it’s a giant cat or a person with a turtle head, ridiculous Photoshop edits can take even the most mundane images and turn them into works of art. They may not ever hang in the Louvre or the Guggenheim, but they have their place in people’s collective memories. These ridiculous Photoshop edits have earned a place on this list because they are hilarious, silly, and sometimes terrible. No matter what they look like though, you’re sure to get a laugh out of them.

1) Curves so crazy they warp the walls: Have you ever seen a woman with curves that could literally bend the very fabric of space and time? Probably not, so this image is definitely Photoshopped. Credit to the woman for at least trying to enhance her features, but next time, find someone with photo editing experience.

2) “I told you guys I had a girlfriend!”: This poor little dude… He probably doesn’t even realize how fake this looks. It’s always better to just be honest with people, rather than digging yourself into a pit of lies from which there is no escape.

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