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25 Of The Absolute Worst Roommate Horror Stories

Living alone is an expense not many can afford while on the grand adventure to adulthood, which can result in a bunch of unlikely characters sharing one abode. A lot of us dreamt of the day our lives would look like an episode of Friends but were quickly disillusioned to the fact that a shared space isn’t quite the eternal slumber party we had originally hoped.

While dirty dishes and stolen food may have been the catalyst to destroy an endless amount of roommates’ relationships, some people have truly experienced co-living with the worst of the worst. Reddit users united to share with the community their roommate horror stories that will make you want to live alone forever. Here are 25 of the best responses about the worst people to live with.

1. Tattletale: “In college, I for whatever reason was matched with a roommate who was a born again Christian and did not allow alcohol or women in the room. If he saw alcohol, he’d go to the floor manager and demand a room check because we were technically not supposed to have booze on campus. The floor manager would come and ask if we had alcohol to which I’d always respond no. However, my roommate would burst into the hallway and say, ‘Yes, he does!’ Unfortunately for him, he could never find the booze because when he’d tell I would hide it in his closet. He never figured that part out. I would also invite over women just to toy with him and he would often scream, ‘My momma didn’t raise me to shack up with no woman.’ He eventually dropped out of college from the stress. Maybe I’m the monster?” (Reddit user: elvisthepelvis)

2. The Machine: “We had just found a new roommate on Craigslist and she was incredibly sweet and kept to herself. However, on the second night of living with her, the most bizarre thing happened. At around 3 in the morning, my door creaked open and woke me up. She nonchalantly walks into my room and says, ‘I need the machine.’ Before I could respond, she dropped her pants and just started urinating on my floor while looking at me with a blank expression. Not just a tinkle either, this girl completely emptied tank. Turns out, she sleep walks every now and then when she drinks hard alcohol. We laugh about it now but it was still a moment that I can only really describe as haunting.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

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