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Times Where Kate Middleton Broke The Royal Dress Code

When you have celebrity status, designers are knocking at your door constantly asking you to try on their various outfits. It can’t be easy to pick just one with the amount of choices that are regularly displayed in front of you. What with all the accessories, hats, watches and makeup, it is a serious decision to make before choosing a specific outfit since you know that the paparazzi will be ready to snap photographs of you. But still, you choose to go with your own subjective style. However, if you are royalty things can be a little different. You can’t just go with whatever outfit you feel matches your style, there’s a royal dress code you have to follow with every outfit. It’s pretty strict but you work with it. This is exactly how it is for Duchess Kate Middleton. Though she has an incredible body and designers are dying to work with her, she is never supposed to get too risque when it comes to her outfits. But sometimes stuff happens. From skirts that are too short to high-cut slits on evening gowns, here are several instances where Kate’s outfit may have crossed the royal line.

To say that the royal dress code is a little strict might be an understatement. Royalty are expected to look majestic and regal. Furthermore, there is also supposed to be a severe attention to detail. Dresses and gowns must ‘not be simplistic.’ They are also expected to dress diplomatically to avoid angering or disrespecting other nations.

  1. This outfit would have otherwise been acceptable had it been worn by anyone other than royalty. The rules of the royal dress code state that dresses must hide the knee. However, the beaming smile along with the flowing hair on the Duchess earns her a free pass. 390c1aed-299d-41ce-b35f-44498e801d33

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