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20+ Sarcastic Illustrations By Gudim That You’ll Need To See Twice To Understand Completely

A Russian illustrator from Moscow named Anton Gudim has stunned the internet with his fantastic comics that are both hysterical and sarcastic.

The illustrations of Gudim might just be the best comics of all time. The further into his Instagram account (@gudim_public) that you get, the more you realize just how funny these comics are. Similar in style and humor to something like Gary Larson’s famous The Far Side comic series, Gudim’s style is simple, poignant, and each panel virtually speaks for itself. Let us then do the opposite, and perhaps explore in depth what each comic might be trying to say.

Mark Wait once said, “All of us who grew up reading comics love the memory of sitting under an apple tree with a comic book in one hand and a peanut butter sandwich in the other; the tactile sensation of the paper on the skin and so forth is part of the experience.” This can also be said for scrolling through your phone to read new modern comics on your phone. Maybe.

Anyway, the following 20+  sarcastic comics by Anton Gudim might not immediately be understood, but the longer you look at them, the meaning behind them becomes apparent. Hopefully, along the way, they will also give you a considerable chuckle.

1) Dippity Dip: At first glance, you might start wondering just what in the heckityheck is going on here. Gudim’s style is both simple yet elusive as to what exactly he’s getting at with the content. Here, a series of young ladies are dipping themselves in a drum of black paint, then get shipped off to start exercise. The joke here, of course, is that ‘pants are getting so thin they’re just painted on!’ Or something like that.

2) Hot Breath: How many of you as children used to pretend that you were smoking whenever you could see your breath in the winter? The reason your breath makes steam is that the warm moist air mixes with the frigid cold air, causing the magical science of steam to occur. Here, Gudim jokes that it’s actually your organs lighting a fire to keep warm in the cold.

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