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Scared People Share the Creepy Story That Keeps Them Up All Night Long

Once in awhile, everyone needs to hear a good, scary story. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about gathering around a campfire, blankets over shoulders, eating s’mores and listening to a story that is sure to keep you up at night. Some people hate it while others absolutely love it.

1. If you get spooked out easily then this might be a little too much for you. If you LOVE spooking others, then these stories are perfect. Redditors submitted some pretty creepy stories that may or may not be true but are sure to give shivers. One Redditor wrote, “I used to live in a small building downtown. There was this guy in the apartment right over mine. He mostly kept to himself. Around midnight though, there was frequently a strange noise that got on my nerves. It was little bumping sounds going on and on. After a few days, I realized the pattern was always the same. Several years later I was helping my daughter with morse codes for school. She knocked on the table with her knuckles and a shiver went down my spine. I recognized that exact pattern. I asked her what it meant and she said, “It’s the one to call for help.” (conffra).

2. “A knock at my front door wakes me up. It’s way past midnight and I’m lying on the sofa with the TV on. The house is dark and I’m alone. Looking out the window, I see nothing but a full moon. I get up and head towards the front door. There’s no one there. I turn off the TV, close the window and head to bed” (morasyid).

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