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People Share Things That Only Get Scarier The More You Think About Them

Let’s be real here, life isn’t easy. We go through some hard times in our lives but in the end, it makes us stronger and wiser, right? But sometimes, we stop what we are doing and reflect on the world and this single thought gets into our heads. A scary thought.

In fact, the more you dwell on that thought, the scarier it becomes. Not understanding what I’m talking about? Well, terrified Redditors went down a disturbing rabbit hole that gave them new things to be completely terrified about. I’m not talking about ghost stories or urban legends…more so reality. Each story will make you less scared of clowns and haunted houses and freak you out more about things that, let’s be honest, most of us keep at the back of our minds.

1. One redditor fears the way almost anything can be digitally created or changed. “I think the scariest thing out there is photoshop for sound. There’s a product by Adobe called Voco. It allows you to edit Audio files and insert words in the audio with the speaker’s EXACT voice even when the speaker never said anything. It makes me want to question everything I hear especially all the fake news going around” (djokky).



2. Another Reddit user brought up the scary thought of outer space. It’s actually really scary if you think about how small earth is compared to what’s out there. The user noted, “that void hanging over us that’s so vast that while we’re staring at everything we’re seeing practically nothing? Definitely Space.” (ixtechau and Vondi).

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