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People Share Stories About Things They Know About Their Partner That They Aren’t Supposed To Know

Honesty can make or break a relationship, and while most couples try their best to be open with one another, there are some things they still keep strictly to themselves. Relationships plagued by secrets can turn into tiny ticking time bombs until the truth is eventually revealed. However, what some people don’t realize is that their partner is already well aware of what they’re hiding.

One Redditor asked the community what the worst secret, they already know about, that their significant other is hiding from them. The wide range of responses is enough to give you a boost of confidence in your own relationship, and if you’re single, enough to make you want to stay that way. Here are 25 secrets people think they are successfully keeping from their partner.

1. Clog Covert: “Our relationship started long distance and she came up to visit me where I lived for four days. I had to work one of the days and while she was at my house alone, she ended up clogging the toilet. She called her friend freaking out because she couldn’t get it unclogged and proceeded to shovel out her feces with a fork and plastic bag then dump the evidence in the dumpster out back. Her friend found it hilarious and told me the night we moved in together. I haven’t told her I know about it because I don’t want to embarrass her.” (Reddit user: PinsNneedles)

2. The Boss: “My girlfriend slept with my boss before we had met and before I had even been hired into the company. I’m not mad about it or anything because I know everyone has a past, but she has no idea that I know. It’s almost entertaining to watch her cautiously dance around ever coming into my work with random excuses.” (Reddit user: RexDust)

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