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People Share Stories Where The Situation Gets Worse And Worse As It Goes On

It’s probably a good idea to knock on wood after asking the classic question, “What’s the worst that could happen?” because some downward spirals can end up building a surprising amount of momentum. We’ve all had those moments where things looked like they couldn’t possibly get any worse, but then were proven very, very wrong.

No one enjoys experiencing a series of unfortunate events themselves, but they tend to make pretty entertaining stories for everyone else. One Redditor asked the community to share their best “Hold on, it gets worse” stories and the responses will make you happy they didn’t happen to you. Here are 25 stories of people whose bad days only continued to plummet.

1. Bonfire: “My mom had lit a small bonfire and left it unattended, which she usually does as it typically just dies out. This time, however, it did not die out. The fire ended up spreading to the grass which set fire to the garden shed which blew up some gas canisters which set fire to a rat nest. The rat nest catching fire may seem like a blessing in disguise, but boy it wasn’t. Burning rats were scrambling all over the yard while firefighters chopped them with axes. The smell of burning rats and the visual of my dad cleaning up their burnt severed bodies the next day is something that will forever haunt me.” (Reddit user: Brummiediv)

2. Ceiling dwellers: “A month ago our ceiling fell down and caused a gigantic nightmare of a mess. The room was completely destroyed. To make matters worse, wasps started coming in — lots of wasps. Apparently, there were a few nests in our roof and the room ended up being completely swarmed. We had an exterminator come and spray the room as we watched literally thousands of wasps fall from the vortex. After, our roofer came to remove the remaining rotten timber and plaster. I heard a blood-curdling scream and found the poor man covered in angry wasps. Turns out, the nest was over three feet longer than the exterminator realized and still very active. Our insurance company said they wouldn’t cover any repairs due to a leak we had no way of knowing about. To top it all off? The following weekend my cat died.” (Reddit user: Clairdassian)

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