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25 Photos Where Something Went Very Wrong

As a kid, there are two types of ‘colorers.’ Those who color within the lines and those who create their own drawings.

And in adult life, it’s pretty much the same. Those who conform to social norms, etiquette, and general common sense. And then there is the chaotic, reckless, and risk-taking group. These are the same people who have complete disregard for rules, regulations, and stipulations. Lines? I don’t color in them. Rules? They’re meant to be broken. And norms? I’m anything but normal. And it is a combination of these ‘normal’ individuals along with the ‘wacky’ ones that make our world go round. We need order and organization in our lives just like how we need crazy and chaotic sometimes. We need the creativity and the dysfunctional side just as much as we want the law-abiding and sensible side. And it’s a game of delicate balance on a tiny, thin line. But what’s so interesting is that there are some people who just want to watch the world burn. They just want to watch destruction and devastation. They like knocking over sand castles and rearranging completed puzzles. Here are 25 of the funniest gaffes and goofs out there.


Were these trees already planted there and the building was built around them? Or did the architects and builders simply implant grown trees at the front of the building? Either way, it looks wildly out of place given its unique pattern and the lack of leaves.

16018710-larjppi-1504608345-650-1bcd4b3f75-1505740111The Chive

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