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People Share The Moment They Realized Something Was Wrong With Their Friend’s Significant Other

We all want our friends to be happy, which often means encouraging them to be in relationships with people that they may love (even if we’ve never liked them or we don’t know them well).

But, sometimes there can be some serious red flags that our friends may miss and as their friend it may feel like it is our duty to point them out. Especially since these red flags can often mean that our friend’s relationship might be on shaky ground. And sometimes bringing up these issues can save your friend from heartbreak but other times it can lead to a broken friendship.

Still, we all want to save our friends, so most of us tend to keep an eye out for weird behavior that their significant other may show. Things like hitting on other people, violent tendencies, and over drinking, can let us know that something is up with our friend’s partner.

Over on AskReddit the question, ‘What made you realize something was off with your friends significant other’ was raised and these are some of the best 25 answers given.

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1. I never got along with my wife’s best friend’s husband while everyone else did. I found him to be a know-it-all. If you had done something he had already done it and 10x better at that. I’m pretty sure my wife had a thing for him because it was always, “Rob this and Rob that. Ain’t Rob a great guy? Tracy is so lucky to have Rob! Why don’t you and Rob go fishing? Why don’t you and Rob go for a beer?” And to keep the peace, I would, but the more time I spent with the guy, the more I disliked him.I ended up telling my wife I can’t stand the guy and I wouldn’t have him around my home again. Two weeks later it came out that Rob had been abusing Tracy, was a raging alcoholic, and mentally abused his kids all while hooking up with someone from down the road. Now everyone knows Rob is as horrible as I always knew he was. (lil-gideon)

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