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Incredible Things Most Fans Probably Didn’t Know About Space Jam

Michael Jordan taking on a group of monstrous aliens on the basketball court, with the help of the Looney Tunes, quickly became a staple of the late 90s pop culture zeitgeist. Many who grew up with the film know it by heart, but there are some incredible things about Space Jam that most fans don’t know.

1. The 1996 sports comedy film was an instant classic and childhood treasure of many. The film followed legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, as he helps the Looney Tunes cartoon characters play a basketball game against alien slavers for their freedom. While the film won over audiences worldwide and was quick to find home in many people’s VHS players, there was one person who wasn’t completely on board with the idea. Looney Tunes director, Chuck Jones, had a number of grievances with the film and was highly critical of it, which he admitted in an interview a couple of years after the film’s release. Jones felt that the movie’s representation of the famous characters strayed too far from the source material. One critique Jones had was that Bugs Bunny would never openly recruit others in one of his own battles and that he also would have been able to defeat the aliens on his own.

2. To keep the film’s star happy, the movie studio built a basketball court on the set so that Michael Jordan would be entertained in between takes.There tends to be a lot of off time for actors when the crew is setting up or moving locations, which makes a game of basketball a great way to kill time.

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