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Former Spoiled Brats Share Stories About The Moment The Real World Hit Them

Every loving parent wants to spoil their kids and give them everything they’ve ever wanted. However, this can end up being harmful to them both socially and developmentally. We all knew a kid growing up who was the epitome of spoiled rotten, and chances are, they had a moment later in life where that coddling ended up being their downfall.

While not all spoiled brats have some Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory moment where they turn into a giant blueberry, many have one rough awakening when they encounter a problem that mommy and daddy can’t solve for them. One Redditor asked the community’s former spoiled kids when the real world hit them. Here are 25 stories of the spoiled rotten becoming disillusioned by reality.

1. New Shoes: “I was spoiled rotten as a child and well into my teen years. I was incredibly shallow and threw a fit when my parents bought me a brand new red convertible for my 16th birthday when I wanted a dark blue one. What turned me around? I took a job as a camp counselor at a local day camp because I thought it would be easy. It ended up being specifically geared towards the lower class who couldn’t afford childcare during the summer. There was one kid who would refuse to take his shoes off, even if we were going to the public pool. One day he was limping and I convinced him to let me take off his shoes. His socks were covered in blood and his feet had tons of sores. As it turns out, he had been wearing shoes 3 sizes too small for him because his family couldn’t afford new ones. I bought him a new pair on my lunch break and it changed my way of thinking forever.” (Reddit user: vixiecat)

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2. Christmas: “I was born and raised in Los Angeles up until my high school years. My parents weren’t all that wealthy, but my aunt married a very rich man who would give us a ton of gifts for Christmas each year. It was always whatever we wanted and a ridiculous amount of it. I got a wake-up call when we moved away to Washington. My cousins, who lived there and were never very well off, had their house burn down right before the holiday. I only got 2 presents for Christmas but they got bags of gifts from local firefighters, which included clothing and other necessities. At first, I was jealous and wanted to cry, but for all the wrong reasons. I realized eventually how valuable those gifts were to them and have learned to appreciate everything that was given to me.” (Reddit user: ToughRainbow)

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