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Can You Spot The Difference In These Pictures?

Think you have eyes like a hawk? Well, it’s time to find out. “Spot the difference” is a classic observation game that puts your attention to detail to the ultimate test. Two versions of the same picture are placed side-by-side with only a few subtle changes differentiating them. Only those with a keen eye will be able to decipher the minor modifications that have been made. The changes can be anything from a slight tweak to something that has been removed entirely from the picture. Sound easy? You might be surprised. Sometimes even seemingly blatant changes can manage to slip right by.

Are you up for the challenge? Below are 24 “spot the difference” tests that will see just how much attention you pay to the little things. From photographs to illustrations, these images have a lot more going on in them than meets the eye. Scan back and forth to figure out what has been changed from the two pictures. If you get stuck, you can scroll down to see what you missed.

1. Let’s start things off with this picture of London’s iconic clock tower, Big Ben. At first glance, the two photos may appear identical, but there are five changes differentiating them. Can you spot all of the differences?

Answers: A plane was added in the upper left-hand corner, the clock tower reads a different time, the double-decker bus has a different number on the front of it, the pedestrian’s outfit has changed, and the lamp post is missing its tip.


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