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25 Strangers Who Busted Into Other People’s Photos And Made Them Even Better

People go to great lengths to take the perfect shot, but sometimes, the best pictures aren’t planned at all. Timing can play a crucial role in photography, especially when that hopeful click ends up capturing something unexpected. These accidental snaps can become par for the course when taking pictures out in public where anything can happen. From unsuspecting passerby to those who have mastered the art of a good photobomb, sometimes the intended subjects of the photo aren’t the only ones who end up saying “cheese!”

There are times where these unexpected photo cameos can spoil the picture, but there are other times where an unintended subject can make the photo so much better. The following pictures fell victim to intrusion, however, they became Internet favorites because of it. Here are 25 strangers who busted into other people’s photos to hilarious results.

1. There are some big life moments that you want to have documented forever, and a proposal is one that certainly ranks pretty high up there. However, this man’s decision to propose became overshadowed by one stranger’s seriously poor timing. It’s always a gamble when making a jaunt past an aimed lens, and this guy’s face shows that he is completely aware that he did not end up lucky.

strangers photobombsReddit /u/ SpnkyHappy

2. When you get arrested on the beach, the chances of your police escorting being captured by at least one group of bikini-clad girls is probably higher than you might think. However, rarely are premature mugshots this full frontal. These cops knew exactly what they were doing when they chose their route.

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