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Ohio Student Documents Incredible Transformation Into A Woman In 17 Months, Her Smile In The Last Photo Says It All

Hormone replacement therapy (also known as HRT) is a difficult, lengthy process. No one really knows how intense it truly is until they see it for themselves. An Ohio student, named Selgal, decided to share some intimate photos of her transitioning journey.

1. The photos provide a glimpse into what exactly happens to someone’s body during HRT. Selgal has documented 17 months of the process, providing personal comments about how she felt in each photo. Hormone replacement therapy, specifically made for males who wish to transition into a female, involves taking sex hormones, among other hormonal medications, for the purpose to change your secondary sexual characteristics. In this case, it’s to grow larger breasts and widened hips among other things. Essentially these are characteristics that develop at puberty but aren’t involved in reproduction. Selgal’s story gives a taste of reality for many of us who might not understand what it takes to transition.

Selgal described her journey, saying “It’s never too late to change who you are. Happiness is real, you just have to be willing to risk anything to find it.” The first photo that Selgal shows is a before and after shot. In the before she has a pretty serious facial expression. In the after, Selgal has a complete smile on her face, relieved to finally be the person that she’s always wanted to be. She wrote on this first photo, “Transitioned from this to this in 17 months.”

2. The before and after photo is then followed by a photo of Selgal two years before she started HRT. She wrote, “2 years pre HRT: Aged 16, total pothead (get it?).” Though looking pretty serious as well, at least Selgal had a sense of humor while going through something so difficult. I’m talking about the difficulty in living in a body you feel you don’t belong in.

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