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Pranksters Share Stories About The Subtle Ways They Have Messed With Others

A complex, well-executed prank is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s stranding an obnoxious co-worker’s car on the roof, wallpapering a friend’s car with post-it notes, or stacking cups half-filled with water all around a room, these big pranks are majestic in their scope.

But sometimes, you want something simpler. A prank so subtly-done that the prankee questions whether anything even happened is beautiful in its own way, like a bonsai tree next to an enormous California Redwood.

Read on for twenty-five small, devious pranks that might just have you guessing if they’ve ever happened to you!

1. That’s The Way The Fencepost Crumbles: “I make up phrases that are supposed to sound profound and deep but are actually just nonsense. For example, I might say, “Well, as they always say, the grass doesn’t care how close it grows to the fence post”. The person will attempt to interpret it and perhaps, on some superficial level, the analogy might make sense.” (dwc1970)

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2. …Wait: “Texting people on my phone that I can’t find my phone. For example, my friend and I were moving stuff in his house and afterward, we went back to my place. I realized I left my phone over there and told him I would walk over, it was like a 5-minute walk. Once I got my phone I texted him I couldn’t find it. 2 minutes later I see him coming in his car down the road. He realizes, flips me off and heads back to my house.” (RaptorsCdwoods)

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