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25 Pirate Traditions That You Probably Didn’t Know About

With Halloween being over, many of us may have donned some traditional garb in the form of lederhosen, kilts and/or cultural robes.

But for all those who dressed up as pirates, there’s actually a lot of hidden facts about these sea-faring, marauding scavengers that we might not have known. Despite the aesthetic and hilariously portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean, pirates are actually not that kind. Pirates have long held the reputation of being ruthless killers who came up with some pretty unique ways to execute people while out in the sea. They also started several trends including wearing earrings and hiding treasures. They also employed the use of codes and sign language to talk to each other during their travels on the high sea. This pirate code was meant to keep peace among the other pirates. It stated that they could not fight their sailing mates on water and could only fight them on land. Furthermore, this informal pirate code was also meant to control the type of clothing that a pirate would wear. In a sense, this pirate code also dictated the uniform that a pirate must wear.


1) The Jolly Roger is the generally accepted universal flag for pirates with its black background and the skull and crossbones in the front. This flag might be the most known insignia for the pirates but in reality, there is actually a wide array of versions.


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