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25 Cancer Patients Share The Stunning Moments When They Realized They Were Sick

There is no doubt about it that Cancer is a disease that has affected nearly every person on the planet. At one point or another we have known, we have had, or we have experienced some kind of cancer in our lives. When, however, does one realize that they are sick with cancer? What kind of symptoms of cancer do these people exhibit? 

People of the internet banded together to share their own stories through Reddit, which many feature heartbreak, happiness, tragedy and even hope. Many people have experienced tragedy when it comes to this terrible disease, but it’s important to remember that medical breakthroughs happen every year, and treatment for Cancer is better than it ever has been in history. The following Reddit users share their stories to help inform the public about when they first realized they had symptoms of Cancer, and hopefully their symptoms may be an early warning sign for you to get checked out today. When was the last time you had a yearly physical? It never hurts to get looked at!

1) Itchy legs: The time I noticed something was wrong was one day I started itching my legs like crazy. At the end of the day, my socks were red with blood. My doctor said it was probably dry skin and I had to moisturize. Next, there was a pain in my chest so I stopped moving too much. Then it hurt when I was lifting weights. Then I lost my appetite. I felt generally really awful so I went back to the doctor. After he looked at me, the next day my mother and sister saw me in the hospital waiting for surgery. The next few months I had chemo and radiation for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. When I had lump after lump, I thought it was the end. Fortunately, I’ve had almost everything removed and I’m hoping this is all behind me now. (Reddit user: ZestfulShrimp)

2) Walking To School: I was 11 and I had a 10-minute walk to school. I noticed I was tired all the time. Eventually, my 10-minute walk would become an hour long walk, as I needed frequent breaks just to get to school. A kid in my grade school class joking but ironically said that If I was tired all the time that she read in a magazine it means you have cancer. I was falling asleep in class and sleeping on average of 15-16 hours a night. Finally, my doctor sent me in for blood tests. The next day, the police show up at my house and as a kid I thought I was going to jail. Police said that my tests were so low, that they were there to escort me to the hospital. I had 4 transfusions in one night and said I could have died. Turns out I had Leukaemia. I’m 28 now and have been off treatment and healthy for a good decade! (Reddit user: oilericious)

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