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Teachers Talk About The Proudest Moments Of Their Careers

For better or for worse, teachers can change a student’s life. Working with kids and teenagers is a lot of responsibility because you’re working with people at their most vulnerable and changeable time. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, young people are always listening, and even careless words can have a huge impact on their development.

But with great risks come great rewards: you get to see young people grow up and become the people they were meant to be. Sometimes, if you’re very, very lucky, you also get a chance to help them become those people.

Here are twenty-five teachers who got that chance. If you’re an easy crier, you might want to have your tissues ready!

1. “I’ve taught acting classes sporadically in the last ten years, and I recently had one of my former students come to me and tell me that I was the best teacher she’s ever had and that I was the sole reason she had the guts to move to LA and give it a real shot and she’s doing quite well… I nearly cried.”(]angela_bee)

2. “One of my favorite moments came at the end of a World Literature class when a student excitedly told me that she had gone to the local library the day before and gotten her first ever library card. This was the same student who had told me she hated reading and thought it was a waste of time at the beginning of the semester! Now, on the last day of class, she was talking about checking out books written by the writers we had covered in class because she wanted to read more of their work. My English-teacher heart was overflowing that day.” (Don Coffin)

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