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Teen Was Bullied For His Appearance, Mom Allows Plastic Surgery

Bullying has always been a serious problem at schools. And nowadays with the advent of social media, it has only become more prevalent and pervasive.

According to government statistics, between 25 to 33 per cent of all U.S. students say they have experienced some form of bullying at school. This stat does not account for cyberbullying however. The statistic also goes on to show that most bullying occurs in middle school, and most often they come in the form of verbal or social bullying. Bullying can have horrendous effects on the victim since it can lead to self harm or even worse, suicide. That’s why when a 15 year old boy named Ryan told his mom that he was being bullied at school, she let him go through a dramatic makeover. Ryan says that he was always picked on for having big ears and being told to ‘fly away.’ He said that ever since grade 6, kids would pick on him and make fun of his ears. It got so bad that by the time he was in grade 8, he begged his mom to be home schooled.


‘If I have the surgery then there wouldn’t be anything to make fun of me about.’ That is what Ryan said when he appeared on the show called ‘The Doctors.’ His family couldn’t afford the operation so Dr. Ordon and his team decided to help Ryan out pro Bono.


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