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20+ Of The Most Brutal Responses To Texts From Exes

Breaking up with someone has never been easy. There’s a lot of emotion and things left unsaid. Often, there are hard feelings. Sometimes there is a deep desire for one party to get back together. That feeling is not always reciprocated. Now, in the age of technology, getting texts from exes just makes everything so much more complicated. You have to deal with someone who has your phone number saved in their contacts, who can just contact you at any time and just say whatever they want. Maybe they want to play with your emotions, maybe they just want to ruin your day. Either way, you have to be quick, savvy, and sometimes a little bit heartless in order to deal with texts from exes. It’s not always easy having to deal with them, but sometimes the results can be absolutely hilarious.

These are just 25 of some of the best responses to texts from exes.

1) Some lines can’t be crossed: Sometimes the person you’re dating can do something so unspeakably despicable that you never forget it. It burns in your brain like a raging inferno and, nothing can extinguish it. There’s the idea of you being hurt, and that’s bad enough, but what about when they hurt the one you really love? Not cool.

2) New phone, who dis?: It’s pretty typical to delete the number of the person that you dated. Why would you need it anymore? It’s over, and you two have nothing left to say to each other. However, sometimes the other person doesn’t quite feel the same way, so they’ll keep your number just in case they feel the need to say something to you.


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