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25 Facts About Planes That You Might Not Have Known Before

For some people, being on an airplane can be fun. For others, the cramped seating and average food can be seen as acceptable at best.

But if you are a fan of traveling, you know that your experience on a plane sets the tone for your trip. You want your flight to go smoothly, to be enjoyable and most importantly, it has to be comfortable. A good movie couldn’t hurt either. Some of us absolutely despise being on an airplane. The thought of being up in the sky freaks some people out. Then there are those who don’t mind it at all and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Regardless of what kind of person you are, you can’t deny that traveling on a plane is an experience like no other. Being served by attentive and friendly flight attendants isn’t too bad either. In fact, being a flight attendant is a great job. Though their job might not be easy, flight attendants know a few secrets about the air traveling business. Here are some secrets that flight attendants and other insiders never share with passengers.

  1. You can totally ask the flight attendants for more food during your flight. Don’t be shy. Aircraft food is pre-made, so it’s either thrown away or eaten by the crew. Don’t feel guilty if you’re stomach is growling and you want to ask for  that second serving.

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