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25 Things Adults Do Who Have Experienced Childhood Emotional Abuse

When we were kids, our job was to go outside and play, get into mischief and “try to stay a kid as long as possible.” But during all that, the environment we are brought up in reflects how we behave as adults.

There has been a lot of compelling research done about how the way we grew up affects how we behave as adults. For example, studies have linked childhood trauma to increased levels of alcoholism and depression in adults. But what’s not to say that there is not more to the research? As adults we are often asked to reflect on positive influences, role models and experiences from our past that have shaped who we have become today. If you think about it, every high and low molds us into who we are, for better or for worse. This is especially crucial when we are younger and our brains are rapidly developing. It could be something as simple as an unheard cry for help to an unmarked facial expression that can have a heavy impact on our young psyche. With that said, here are 26 ways you can tell if an adult may have been emotionally abused as a child.

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Commitment Issues: This tends to translate into their early years of child hood where they may have had a bad experience where they trusted someone, or maybe someone trusted them and they let them down that has resulted in them lacking commitment.

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