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25 Things Girls Will Def Get

Women have come a long way in the fight for gender equality. There are still some issues that haven’t been completely sorted out but we are getting there. Regardless of gender equality, there are some things that women experience that majority of men don’t. This could be something like having your heel get caught in a drain.

Below is a list 25 of things that girls with definitely get because it might have happened to them before.

1. Dirty Shoes: When you are a girl you always think about dirt. When girls look at this photo they will get immediately that the caption is talking about the shoes the girl is wearing on her bed. No one should want to sleep in their dirt and that means no one should be wearing shoes in their bed.

2. When You’re Late: Every girl knows that doing your hair takes a while. If you are rushed halfway through you doing your hair you will end up like this girl. For the rest of the day she will have to walk around with half her hair straight and the other half wavy. We feel for her.

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