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30 Things People Actually Do When They’re Alone

Do you love your alone time? Do you have any weird, secret things you do when you’re alone that no one knows about? If you do (don’t worry, you don’t have to admit it), you might enjoy this list of 30 things people do when they’re alone.

1. Alone time is necessary for this day and age. The constant glare of electronic screens and the ease in which we can call someone thousands of miles away has created a culture of dependence. This is why alone time such as practicing a sport, working out, reading, meditating or doing yoga (just to name a few) can do wonders for stress relief and overall relaxation. But sometimes we do some unusual and quirky things while we are alone. From dancing around the house naked to imitating weird characters, these are just a few things that we can only do alone. One thing we can only do in private is talk to ourselves. I think this is common with most people. According to one anonymous poster, they like to perform ‘interviews’ where they are being interviewed by talk show hosts. Sometimes they are the newly appointed Supreme Court judge, other times they are just a lifestyle guru.

alone01The Atlantic

2. This one is slightly revolting. This anonymous user (you will soon understand why they wanted to remain unspecified) went to a nearby pharmacy to purchase adult diapers so that they could experience pooping themselves before ‘I was old.’ Well,  I guess that’s one way you can prepare for old age…


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