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10+ Things Inside Of A Chinese Home That I Could Not Get Used To

Different cultures come with different rules, traditions, and superstitions. When you visit a new country or a new home, it is quite intriguing to see the drastic differences between their culture and yours.

In Western culture, we have our set of norms and standards. We have breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner after work. We invite friends over for dinner, we overeat on certain holidays and we splurge (financially) on other holidays. Fridays are designated for going out and partying while Mondays are reserved for the drag that is going back to work. Now, when we decide to visit a different family or a different culture, all of the sudden things go out of whack. No longer is it appropriate to eat with forks and spoons and in some cases, some foods are strictly prohibited.

So here at Providr, we decided to take to Reddit in order to uncover some unknown curiosities about visiting a Chinese household. Whether it is their reluctance to use the number four or their insistence on using chopsticks, here are 25 unique and unknown things about a Chinese household.


Chinese families rarely invite guests over. This is because homes in Hong Kong are not all that spacious as in Western countries so most times family gatherings are done at restaurants or inside of diners.


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