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People Share Stories About Hilarious Things They’ve Had To Explain To An Adult

Despite what some people believe, human beings actually don’t learn every single thing while they’re in high school or college. There are things that we genuinely just don’t know.

While some of the things that we don’t know may seem a little ridiculous to others, they’re not ridiculous to the person asking the question. Nevertheless, we’ve probably all experienced a moment where an adult asked us a question that the answer seemed obvious to know. Alas, not all answers are obvious and that’s okay!

Still, it can be frustrating when people ask you “ridiculous” questions that you believe they should know the answer to, but just remember that imparting your wisdom on the world is a deed of good! Staying calm while answering questions you perceive to be ridiculous can be hard, but it’s worth it in the end.

A couple of days ago, Reddit user Kupeoxo asked the question: What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve had to explain to a grown man/woman?” As expected, the results vary quite a bit but they’re all pretty hilarious. So take a gander at some of the top 25 answers!

1. “When I was back in college, my girlfriend spent the night and when we woke up she asked me how it is that I can find her so sexy in the morning. I asked her what she meant and she noted that I was always aroused. Apparently she had no idea was ‘morning wood’ was or that it honestly had nothing to do with her.” (captainmagictrousers)

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