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25 Times People Displayed Too Much Sass

Sometimes retaliating to someone with a little bit of cheekiness is warranted and other times it isn’t at all. However, it’s always entertaining to witness someone deliver a healthy dose of sass when you aren’t on the receiving end. Here are 25 times people got carried away in the sass department.

1. It’s a fine line between being mean and being sassy, but those who are prone to be brazen know that being smart-mouthed can sometimes be the only way to get the point across. Not everyone will take being talked back to well, however, you have to respect the clever quips involved when retaliating with such wit. Last year, a three-year-old boy climbed into a gorilla enclosure, which resulted in the ape’s death and a profusion of memes. Inspired by the incident, one woman decided to ask her mother what she would do had her and her sibling fell into a gorilla pen. However, she probably never anticipated that her “queen” would respond with such a ruthless retort. Explaining that the two would be right at home in the gorilla pen, this mom told her kid that she’d have no problem making two more of them in replacement and would visit them every other weekend.

2. Whoever took this Snapchat clearly has it out for their classmates. Little do these unsuspecting yet participatory students know, they’ve become the butt of someone’s picture messaging joke. While the person behind the phone can’t be seen, one would hope that it’s a very contrasting goth student with a perpetual judgemental stare.


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