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25 Travel Hacks To Save You Time, Money And Stress

Even those who consider themselves to be expert planners can fall victim to the unavoidable inconveniences that can plague the traveling experience. While certain things like delays and wait times can’t be predicted, there are things you can do to instantly make your next trip less complicated than it has to be.

If you’re about to embark on your first adventure or even if you’re a seasoned traveler, there are a number of worthwhile hacks that can help eliminate the typical stressors that come with globe-trotting. Here are 25 travel hacks to save you time, money and stress for the next time you decide to skip town.

1. Pre-authorize your debit/credit card before spending in a foreign destination.
There’s nothing worse than starting your vacation and having your card get declined due to suspicious activity. While it’s great that banks are trying to keep your money safe, this can really add an unnecessary inconvenience to the start of your trip. You can easily avoid this by calling your credit or debit card company to ensure that you are authorized to spend money in the foreign destination you’re traveling to before you get there.

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2. Scan important pieces of identification in the case of loss or theft.
No one plans on losing an important piece of identification like a passport or ID, but planning ahead can save a lot of hassle. Before venturing out of town, scan important pieces of identification and email them to yourself so that you have an accessible extra copy just in case.

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