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25 Trees That Look Like Something Else And May Make You Look Twice

It’s almost Halloween, which means we’re well into “terrify yourself with internet articles that aren’t scary until you suddenly remember them on your own in the dark” season. In honor of that special time of year, we’ve curated some images of trees that have no reason being as frightening as they are.

Now, we’ll be the first people to say that we love and respect nature! But nature has no business creating trees that look like you’ve stumbled into a Guillermo Del Toro universe. Especially around Halloween where, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting darker and the nights are getting colder.

So, yes, these trees are just trees. But, because of their otherworldliness, we’ve paired them with the cryptids, monsters and just general scary stuff from around the world that they most resemble. And who knows? Perhaps the next time you step outside on a dark evening, you’ll be able to find a cryptid tree of your own!

1. The Dover Demon: A Massachusetts native, the Dover Demon is described as having “glowing orange eyes,” “tendril-shaped fingers, and a “watermelon-shaped head.” Honestly, I think the real demon is whoever decided to put those eyes up.


2. The Jersey Devil: Hailing from New Jersey, the Jersey Devil is a dragon-like creature with two legs and a goat-like head. According to folklore, the Devil was born as the thirteenth child of a woman named Mother Leeds, and it turned out to be a demon that started screaming, attacked the midwife and wreaked havoc on the house. Or, as parents might call it, a baby.

2Emily Pollock

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