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25 Tweets That’ll Make Married People Feel Normal

Once the honeymoon phase comes to an end, the grand romantic gestures tend to dwindle and life becomes anything but a Nicholas Sparks novel. Really, marriage comes down to two people getting abnormally comfortable with one another, which can have some hilarious results. There’s a reason so many sitcoms poke fun at the post-newly wed experience and those who have made it know the jokes can be all too real, but life doesn’t have a laugh track. Luckily, Twitter has allowed married couples to vent about the less than romantic aspects of spending your life with a spouse.

Most couples try to convince themselves that they’ll never become that cliché married couple, but a few years after tying the knot, many find that that’s exactly what they’ve become. No one may admit this to others, especially their single friends, but those who have settled down can find peace in knowing that they aren’t alone. These 25 tweets make hilarious observations on what it’s really like to be married and those with a couple of years of wedlock under their belt will instantly be able to relate.

1. It doesn’t take long for the sappy, emoji-filled essays of texts to dilute to one simple question. In fact, you could probably read a couple’s entire text message history and know exactly once they’ve reached the marriage tipping point without any context whatsoever.

2. Isn’t love grand? You can go from thinking you’d die without them to eventually seeing the bright side of their demise. It’s a sadistic glass half full mentality, but one that can momentarily seep into a spouse’s brain somewhere after the wooden anniversary.

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