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People Share Pictures And Stories About Unbelievable Things That Happened To Them

With technology and cameras attached to cell phones and tablets, it should be no surprise that pictures have flooded the internet.

But sometimes there are some stories and events that are simply unbelievable without the help of some ample photographic evidence. Nowadays, all we have to do is pull out our phones and snap a quick photo for ourselves or for social media. Like the old saying goes: ‘pics or I don’t believe it!’ Some of these encounters are so outrageous that without these pictures, their friends would think that they were lying! Some of these images require some precise timing while others just require bravery. From petting a tiger to saving a hummingbird, these individuals were shocked to be in that situation let alone recount the story to their skeptical friends. Whether it is meeting a famous celebrity or an up close and personal encounter with a wild animal, here are 25 things that you wouldn’t have believed happened if it weren’t for these pictures.


1. ‘In 1995, the prisoners of Vridsloselille State Penitentiary in Denmark got broken into by a 30 ton Caterpillar 980C wheel loader. The giant machine rammed a hole into the wall allowing for 13 prisoners to run to freedom. Little did I know (until my dad called me) that the wheel loader actually belonged to my family who owned a gravel pit at the time. It was later discovered that the mastermind behind the breakout had tried to escape the prison 3 times already and 22 times in total.’ (CeeJayDK)

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