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25 Unexpected Curveballs That Nature’s Thrown At Us

The phenomena of the physical world around us have given us many answers but have left us with even more questions. Nature can be equally as fascinating as it can be mind-boggling, and just when we think we begin to understand it, it manages to surprise us. However, the more we learn about the living world, the more we realize just how intricate nature’s clockwork actually is.

We often take our planet for granted, but there are truly astonishing things happening all around us that many people have no idea about. Here are 25 surprising nature facts that prove just how incredibly versatile the world we live in can be.

1. Dolphins use echolocation to create an impression of the world around them and can identify humans by our skeletal structure. They have been known to help shipwreck victims by guiding to them the surface and protecting them against sharks. One of the reasons dolphins go out of their way to save us is because, as mammals, they understand drowning. (Source: BBC’s Supernatural)

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2. Instead of eating their prey whole after paralyzing it, most spiders will inject a digestive fluid into their victim to liquefy the insides. This process leaves the prey’s exoskeleton fairly intact while they suck the animal’s innards through hairs on its chelicerae and mouth, which also act as a filter. While other species may have a slightly different approach, all spiders have a “sucking stomach,” which is a muscularly driven pump that sucks up the meal into the digestive system. (Source: How Stuff Works)

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