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25 People Whom Fortune Did Not Favor Whatsoever

Despite our best efforts, not every day goes according to plan. There are some days where we wished we never left the comforts of bed, and for a good reason. It doesn’t take much for a seemingly good day to nosedive after a moment of utter misfortune. While no one enjoys being plagued by bad luck themselves, there’s something sadistically entertaining about other people’s comic hardships.

What could be worse than a seemingly cursed day? Having your bad luck documented and then plastered on the Internet for everyone else’s enjoyment. For most of us, a moment of misfortune is just that, luckily fleeting. However, these unfortunate folks’ adversities aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here are 25 people whom fortune did not favor whatsoever.

1. Despite the increasing candle count, once you reach a certain age, you’d think that you’d have mastered the art of blowing out the celebratory birthday flames. This woman, however, made the mistake of getting too close and is now destined to enter the new age with an involuntary haircut. It should also be noted that instead of trying to extinguish this hair inferno, the photographer here decided to take another picture.

2. There are some days where you just want to roll out of bed and have as little interaction as possible with the outside world. This woman’s hood up approach to her morning indicates that this is one of those days for her. Despite her attempt to draw as little attention to herself as possible, she most likely ended up garnering a lot more unsolicited stares than she’d hoped for.

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