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People Share The Most Mean Things Someone Said To Them That Wasn’t Meant To Hurt Their Feelings

Everyone likes to agree with the statement “honesty is a virtue,” but how much of a virtue is it? If you’re the kind of person who tells the truth all the time, regardless of how it makes someone feel, then you’re not a very good person. It’s all about finding a balance of staying true to yourself, getting a much-needed message across and not hurting someone else’s feelings.

1. This delicate balance of truth-telling gets broken often. You can probably remember the time a friend, family member, co-worker or classmate said something casually thinking you wouldn’t mind, but you did mind. You minded so much that you still remember it to this day. Whether it’s a comment about your appearance, your personality, your life choices or what you say, people always manage to unintentionally poke at something in a way that hurts. Recently, Reddit users decided to answer the question “What’s the meanest thing someone’s said to you that wasn’t supposed to hurt your feelings?” and the answers are brutal and very relatable if you’ve been in these situations. For example, user sissy_space_yak says: “When I was 30, I ran into an old high school friend at a concert. He said we didn’t age well and time hadn’t been kind to us. Which is rude because I thought I looked ok!”

2. Reddit user tenbananasjc tells a story about the kind of honesty that only children have. She says: “I was a hairy girl. In the 8th grade, I was watching a baseball game and a little girl looked at me and asked her dad “why does that girl have a mustache?” It was barely noticeable, but it was still there. It made me sad back then but thank God for waxing!”

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