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People Share Stories About Lawsuits They Unjustly Lost

Every once in awhile people face a horrible lawsuit that’s totally unfair and potentially life-destroying. The law has a ton of grey areas that can make it a difficult problem to fix, but we need to start getting creative and think of ways to prevent people from getting screwed over.

1. Getting in trouble with the law is bad enough, but dealing with a lawsuit that is unfair is even worse. The Reddit community was asked to tell their stories of horrible lawsuits that they had to go through that were very unjust. One Redditor not only suffered from the law but was traumatized as well. “My dog and I got attacked by a pitbull in high school. The guy left his gate open and the dog got out as I was walking mine. A lawyer took our case but later dropped out because the man who owned the dog didn’t have renter’s insurance for his home. We had a vet and medical bills to pay, so I went to small claims court to get money from the guy. We won our settlement of a little over 15k but later the guy filed bankruptcy. So basically I never got paid, I lost my hearing, and I have to watch my dog cry and shake in her sleep…” (UsagiBlitz).

2. “My aunt was in an accident where she was stopped in the middle of 3 lanes at a light, and a county ambulance to her left wanted to make a right turn, so cut her off and slammed into the front left corner of her car. The police came and took a report. The one she saw at the scene showed what actually happened. The higher-ranking officer came and changed the report so that the one that was filed said it was her fault. The insurance company didn’t seem to care and they didn’t raise her rate.” (carriegood).

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