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28 Baby Names You’ve Never Heard Of But Are Going To Want To Use

Long gone are the days of kids in school having to be identified by their last name initial. A lot of parents have turned to more uncommon names for their child and you’ll want to add these 28 unique baby names to your list.

1. Adley. Starting off with the A’s, this versatile baby name can be used for either a boy or a girl. Interestingly enough, Adley is one of the rare names that was developed from different paths on the girls’ and boys’ sides, but eventually become a unisex name. For boys, Adley came from a phonetic spelling of the Hebrew Adlai, which means “God is just.” Adlai was an Old Testament name, which is mostly associated with 1950’s liberal presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson. The girls version of the name is an abbreviation of Hadley, an English place name and surname, which means “heather field.” Hadley rose significantly in popularity with each year and is believed to become this generation’s Haley. Adley, however, for both boys and girls, remains a name that has managed to stay under the radar. The two syllable name certainly has a ring to it and could become much more common over the next few years.

2. Arnelle. A female name based on the popular male Arnold, Arnelle is a rare name that has yet to make it into the top 2000 chart of popular baby names. The origin of the name is English and only 161 babies have been recorded having it as a first name from 1880 to 2015, according to the Social Security Administration.

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