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People Share The Most Unusual Things They’ve Seen While Working In Rich People’s Homes

They say the more money you make, the more you spend, which can result in the purchases of some unnecessarily extravagant things for the affluent. When you’re raking in some serious dough, wants vs. needs becomes things that don’t really need to be distinguished.

While the filthy rich may be used to a more grandiose lifestyle, the people who work for them find themselves raising their eyebrows at some of the ways they spend money regularly. One Redditor asked the community’s domestic workers to the wealthy what the most outrageous thing they’ve seen behind closed doors are. Here are 25 of the most unusual things these Redditors have experienced on the job.

1. Urgent Matter: “My sister works as a nanny for a notable NBA player and his wife. One night she got a call at around 9 PM to come over due to an ‘urgent matter.’ When she got there, the wife told her to take out the garbage. That was the ‘urgent matter.’ She drove an hour round trip just to take out the trash.” (Reddit user: WhoReadsfor400)

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2. Bath Time: “The family I’ve worked for has done a number of things that have made me scratch my head, but one time, in particular, stands out. The wife was driving through the home improvement part of the city and saw a sale on bathtubs. She went in just to browse and ended up buying three. When she was leaving, she saw another tub she liked and decided to get that one as well. She wasn’t even renovating the house at this time.” (Reddit user: Pregnancyinsomnia)

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