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US Presidents When They Were Young

It’s often remarked on that America’s presidents have been a very white bunch, but fewer people have mentioned the fact that they’ve also been a very grey bunch. American politicians have, historically, been fairly old. It’s the only way for them to gain the political experience that has, until recently, been considered necessary to be America’s Commander-in-Chief. So it’s easy to forget that every president was young, that every president had awkward haircuts (some more awkward than others) and committed youthful indiscretions (some more youthful than others).

For everyone who has secretly kinda wondered which presidents were hot, here are 25 of America’s Chiefs of State in their freshest, most youthful state (with write-ups for those of you who may have dozed their way through history class)

Name: Theodore Roosevelt
Also Known As: Teddy, “The Lion,” TR, “that guy from Night at the Museum”
Tenure: 1829 – 1837
Best Known For: Getting shot in the chest on the way to a speech and, instead of going to a hospital, proceeding to give his speech in a bloodstained shirt off of notes with bullet holes in them, also some other, less cool stuff like the Wildlife Reserve and the Panama Canal.
Quotable: “It takes more than that to kill a bull moose” (said after, may I remind you, he was shot in the chest and gave a 90-minute speech with the bullet still stuck in his chest).

Name: Calvin Coolidge (19 to 23)
Also Known As: “Silent Cal,” “Cautious Cal”
Tenure: 1921 – 1923
Most Famous For: not exactly being the life of the party.
Quotable: “You lose” (attributed to Coolidge after a dinner partner told him she had made a bet with a neighbor that, despite his reserved demeanor, she would be able to get a conversation out of him)

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