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30 Very Useful Clothing Hacks Worth Knowing

There are many simple clothing hacks that can add longevity to your clothing. Here are 30 tricks that will keep your clothes looking their best for many years to come.

1. Red wine may be a dinner party staple, but it can also leave quite the everlasting splotch. If you end up spilling wine on your clothes, don’t panic! All you need to save your garment is some club soda, just make sure that it’s not flavored. However, it is important to work fast so if you don’t have any club soda on hand, tap water can still be effective. While water certainly help diminish the stain, a lot of people believe that the soda’s carbonation has stain lifting agents. To remove the stain, take club soda and pour it over affected area. Let the liquid bubble up and then continue to add more club soda until you notice the stained color fading away from the material. If your stain is a real doozy, you can try adding a thick layer of salt onto the blemish and then pouring more club soda. Let the stain sit for an hour, then proceed to brush off the salt and blot up any excess liquid.

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